Farm Heroes


King is one of the most prominent video game developer, based in St. Julian's, Malta.

Farm Heroes Saga, one of the most famous game in the store, is a match-3 game, based on the farm universe. This game gets around 180 000 downloads per month.

Our mission at the creative studio was to re-engage the user with a high performance creative, KPI was based on CPA (cost per action)

We have A/B tested the creatives to improve the CPA. We have tested with a woman’s hand (creative B.1) vs a cartoon hand (creative B.2), and we figured out that the performance was better using the cartoon hand.

We have also tried a different level of difficulties, by reducing the number of needed cropsie to finish the game and we finally figured out that 5 cropsie was the most effective number to use.

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Creative A/B Testing