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Cat's Crash Arena


Zeptolab is a Russian gaming company with +1 billion downloads.
They created famous titles such as Cut the Rope, King of Thieves and CATS Crash.

They have +50 million monthly active players. In Cat's Crash, the user has to build a fighting vehicle and try to make it stronger to win against other players.

Our goal at the creative studio was to create a high value playable creative to increase user engagement. The KPI set was CR (conversion rate).

We came up with a concept where the user can try different weapons before getting one for free in the game.

As this creative (A.2) was performing pretty well (+53% CR vs creative A.1), we decided to iterate on the first concept to make it even more amazing.
We improved the global design and the animation and tried with different weapons. We have also tested a new version in which the user had to "drag and drop" the weapon on the vehicle.

We figured out that this version was not performing as well as the first one (-58% on CR), so we decided to come back to the previous iteration (A.2).

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